Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki is truly a multi-talented personality. He is an entrepreneur, investor, motivational speaker, author and also a financial knowledge activist. He is very popular for his series of books called ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’.

Kiyosaki is a Japanese American who was born in Hilo, Hawaii. He went to the U.S Merchant Marine Academy soon after graduating from Hilo High School. He graduated from the academy as a deck officer in 1969 and was honored with the Air Medal when he served in the Vietnam War as a gunship pilot. In 1975 Kiyosaki left the Marine Corps and worked as a Xerox machine salesperson. Three years later he started his own company that sold Velcro surfer wallets. The company did well for some time but unfortunately went bankrupt. In the beginning of the 1980s Kiyosaki tried his luck in a business that certified Heavy metal rock band T-shirts. He sold this business in 1985. Nearly a decade later after struggling to achieve success Kiyosaki decided to retire at the age of 47. However he rose once again in 1997 when he established Cashflow Technologies, Inc. This company incorporates and runs two of his brands namely, Rich Dad and Cashflow.

Apart from running Rich Dad and Cashflow Technologies Inc. Kiyosaki has also invested in several other business ventures. In 2002 he purchased a silver mine in South America and took a gold mine public in China. In his book ‘Conspiracy of the Rich’ he has mentioned that he intends to take a copper mine public as soon as the copper price and value will increase. Even as a teenager Robert Kiyosaki worked with gold and silver coins. He has a theory that with a few dollars you can buy precious metal coins and that will actually get you ready for the ‘biggest crashes in world history’. He calls himself a ‘gold bug’ because he has several commodities like silver and gold so he can save himself from any losses against the misprinting of the U.S dollar.

Kiyosaki is also a real estate investor. He spends a lot of his money on these investments and has many real estate development ventures. He has various property management projects running throughout America. His assets include big apartment complexes, hotels and golf courses as he revealed in The Alex Jones Show in 2010. He is also the head and investor of oil drilling operations as well as oil wells and even a startup solar company. However he suffered a loss with his company Rich Global LLC that announced bankruptcy in August 2012.

His book series ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ is an international bestseller. It is basically a comparison between his two ‘dads’; one was his poor biological father and the other ‘fictitious’ rich dad. The poor father was in fact very educated but had no money but the rich father was a high school dropout but was in fact ‘Hawaii’s richest man’. Robert Kiyosaki has appeared on television several times including on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), KOCE, California, WLIW of New York and New Jersey area and his fund raising drive.