Cometan is a British writer and philosopher who founded Astronism, created the Spacefaring World franchise and founded The People’s Constitutional Company of Jesse Millette.

Cometan is a British author, philosopher and entrepreneur who founded the religion of Astronism from the age of fifteen. Cometan was born Brandon Reece Taylor at 5:30pm on 1st July 1998 in the English county of Lancashire in the United Kingdom. After his parents separated when he was four years old, Cometan’s upbringing was heavily influenced by his two sets of grandparents, particularly his paternal grandmother, a devout Roman Catholic who intended for Cometan to become a priest. Feeling torn between his two parents, Cometan had few close friends other than his cousins and didn’t dedicate himself to any hobbies throughout his childhood. He spent the majority of his weekends attending church with his grandmother who was a rumoured member of Opus Dei.

From the day of his fifteenth birthday, Cometan’s life changed forever when he had his first personal inspiration to become the creator of his own fictional character and author of his own series of detective novels. He soon started challenging himself with deeper writing in the subjects of philosophy and theology, of which he became an prodigy and autodidact. Although he had shown no interest in religion during his younger years when his grandmother had encouraged him, Cometan experienced a surge of interest in the topic during his later teenage years. This resulted in the founding of his own religion which became known as Astronism. It combined Cometan’s interests and beliefs in astronomy with a synthesis of religion and philosophy. It was during this time that he changed his name to the mononym Cometan derived from the word comet denoting the celestial object linking to his astronomical religious beliefs.

With his interests in religion and philosophy heightened, Cometan sought to understand the commercialisation of the two. He intended to create a new era for religion which would be based on advertising and marketing religious beliefs, practices and services. Cometan founded Astronism on this train of thought and commodified the religion from its inception. Cometan contemplated for an extensive period of time on the value of concepts and beliefs and how these could transform into quantifiable value. Cometan sought to further develop and expand religious industry and founded philosophic industry for organised philosophies to participate in.

A major endeavour for Cometan was his founding of The Jesse Millette Company which owns all the fictional works of Cometan, including his fictional universe franchise known as the Spacefaring World. Cometan was dedicated to combining the religious beliefs of Astronism into the setting of his fictional universe to prophesy the future of humanity as a spacefaring civilisation. It is within the Spacefaring World universe that the Jesse Millette stories took place and it is the vehicle through Cometan is able to expose his beliefs and prophecies about the future to the masses.

Cometan is also known as a significant figure in space exploration advocacy and was the first person to base his rationality for space exploration on religious grounds. With the creation, development and marketisation of various book series and franchise across both fiction and non-fiction, Cometan certainly demonstrated an entrepreneurial flare from a young age. As part of his ability to brand, Cometan labelled himself the philosopher of the stars and marketed himself as the new young face in world religion and philosophy.

From the day of his fifteenth birthday, Cometan dedicated his life to the founding of Astronism and to the revival of long-persecuted astronomical religions. He organised the Astronic tradition of religions and philosophies which would come to sit alongside the Abrahamic and Dharmic categories used in comparative religion. Cometan believed that society was in need of a revolution in which philosophy and astronomy would return and ascend as central pillars. Furthermore, he believed that humanity’s spacefaring future was imminent and he reflected such Astronist beliefs in his fictional writing encompassed by the Spacefaring World franchise in which the fictional character Jesse Millette (2013), Cometan’s first literary creation, played a significant role.

Cometan’s career is best understood as divided into two halves; the first of which focuses on his religious leadership and his non-fiction writings. Meanwhile, the second half focuses on his authorship of a myriad of fictional works, the majority of which are set in the fictional universe of the Spacefaring World. Cometan founded the Astronist religion to become the figurehead to his wider campaign to revive long-persecuted and long-undermined astronomical religions. Cometan organised the Astronic tradition of religions and philosophies after writing the longest religious text in history from age seventeen which he titled the Omnidoxy (2019).

Cometanic Quotes

“My faith is strongest when the night sky is clear.”

“World, do what you wish with my philosophy, but remember, it will always be mine.”

“Do what is unexpected of you.”

“The Omnidoxy will reveal my philosophy to the world, and it shall encapsulate its ideas forevermore.”

“Your faith should prove itself to you.”

“I have fallen in love with The Cosmos and all of the possibilities it does hold.”