Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders Photo

Colonel Sanders was an entrepreneur and restaurateur who founded the world renowned Kentucky Fried Chicken chain which became one of the most famous and liked fast food selling chains in the world in turn making Sanders a world famous colonel.

Sanders was born on 9th September 1890 in Henryville, Indiana. After the death of his father, he and his mother were left with the responsibilities of the household and this was when he picked up many cooking skills. At the age of eighteen he had worked several jobs including street car conductor, farmer, insurance salesman and railroad fireman. He even enlisted in the U.S Army where he worked as a mule handler in Cuba. After moving from one job to another, Sanders entrepreneurial career began in 1930 when he set up a service station in Kentucky where he served chicken in a diner. Gradually business became better and Sanders moved to a restaurant close by where he developed his own recipe with eleven herbs and spices. A motel was his latest addition to the business.

Unfortunately the Sanders Court and Café could not work for as long as Sanders had wanted due to a new interstate at work which caused a lot of loss to his business. Sanders then decided to sell the restaurant however that was not the end for him. So he moved all over the country trying to market his chicken recipe to restaurant owners. He was rejected several times and even got laughed at but Sanders was not one to give up. His perseverance finally paid up; after a thousand visits or so he convinced Pete Herman to become his partner. Thus, Kentucky Fried Chicken was launched in 1952.

Kentucky Fried Chicken was liked by everyone. In its first year the restaurant sales soared with more than 75 percent of the profit gained from the fried chicken. In 1964 Sanders sold Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation for $2 million to a group of investors. In 1965 the chain opened up in Mississauga, Ontario, where Sanders went himself to oversee the Canadian franchises. Sanders founded the Colonel Harland Sanders Charitable Organization and Colonel Harland Sanders Trust using his stock holdings.

Sanders got married to Josephine King in 1908. He had a son and two daughters. But after he got fired from his job his wife left him taking the children along with her. Sanders got a letter from her brother after some time saying that his sister should not have married a no-good fellow like him who couldn’t even keep a job. Sanders who was a high school dropout but he was a motivated man. His strong belief in himself and conviction to succeed led him to become one of the most famous people in the world. Every child and adult is familiar with the colonel who created the best chicken recipe ever, devoured by people all over the world. Sanders died on 16th September 1980 due to pneumonia in Louisiana, Kentucky. He had been diagnosed with serious leukemia the year before.