Alki David

Alki David

Alkiviades ‘Alki’ David is the heir to the Coca Cola Hellenic shipping and bottling company and one of the most famous entrepreneurs known for their diverse interests and business ventures. He is also a successful producer and actor.

David was born in 1968 in Nigeria, West Africa. He attended school in Switzerland. His father was a managing director at the Hellenic Bottling Company that made a merger with Coca Cola Beverages in 2000. He served in the army for some time after which he decided to do film studies from the Royal College of Art in London. After getting his degree he went to Los Angeles, California where he spent eight years. There, he was a co-owner of a film production company. He came back to London in 1998 and co-founded an agency called ‘Independent Models’. David was not really sure what he wanted to do which is why he tried his hands at various jobs. He has worked at Coca Cola Company as a laboratory analyst, a commodities broker on world markets, a fish farm worker, a water skiing coach, advertising salesman and as a scuba trainer.

Even though David’s past may seem a little unsure, his present however is fabulous. After his graduation from the Royal College of Art, he went into producing movies, a venture that took him to Beverly Hills in California, U.S. He founded a facility there by the name of ‘Beverly Hills Video Group’. He worked there for the next 7 years making important contacts and business relations that proved extremely useful for him later on in his direction and acting career. When he was 27, he established BIOS; a non-profit that worked to save, conserve and give education to people on marine conservation surrounding the Greek Isles. The foundation also sponsors a yearly free diving event that is held at David’s Greek-island home of Spetses.

David sold his Beverly Hills Video Group and came back to London where he started a mutual venture with the Chairman of ICM Europe, Duncan Heath. This business endeavor comprised of a television production company and the renowned modeling agency, ICM Models. David started acting again in an eminent mini-series on TNT called ‘The Grid’. He is a talented writer and producer credited with ‘The Freediver and Fishtales’. He produced series of small videos on YouTube that endorsed the reality show ‘Killing the Cheeky Girls’ along with prank videos named ‘Road to Hell’. He has also appeared in some films namely ‘The Bank Job’ and some on UK TV.

Currently Davis is responsible for operating and managing a media company founded by him named ‘FilmOn’ and some other companies in Los Angeles and London. In addition to these he is the owner of ‘Rock Label’ that he distributes through Universal Music UK. Along with this he owns a modeling agency and a content development agency on the internet. David’s net worth is $1.9 billion and he is on the 47th number on the Sunday Times Rich List.