Chris Pirillo

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Christopher Joseph Pirillo, the web tech entrepreneur, tech consultant and vlogger is the founder and CEO of LockerGnome, Inc. which is a network of bloggs, mailing lists, online communities and web forums. He also hosts on many internet websites.

Pirillo was born on 26th July 1973 in Des Moines, Iowa. He attended the University of Northern Iowa majoring in English. After graduation he started working online and soon became proficient in the expanding online communities. This skill led him to where he is today especially after the internet revolution.

Pirillo does many things. He streams a 24 hour live feed from his home through ustream. This has more than 5000 regular viewers. He streams via YouTube mainly focusing on operating systems, iOS apps, news, reviews, hardware, software, gaming and other technology related events and issues. He operates many online communities; his blogging network called LockerGnome, which he started in 1996 currently has more than 100, 000 members. It offers tips on OS and apps along with suggestions on software and website references. Another one of his site is called which is Ning-based social network with more than 24000 members.

Chris Pirillo also hosts online video shows such as on Microsoft’s Channel 9 where he hosts a program called ‘Help Desk with Chris Pirillo’. He began Gnomedex in 2001 which is an annual conference on social media, science, art, new and upcoming technologies and blogs. In 2012 he started ‘Gnomies’ with subscription rate of $100 per year. It is a service that offers coaching and all kinds of entrepreneurial advice to its members. Pirillo also vlogs on YouTube; he has 287,454 subscribers on his website channel and his views are more than 166,606, 412. He came up with the idea of VloggerFair in 2012. It is basically a place where vloggers could meet with viewers to be part of the YouTube vlogging community. VloggerFair began in June 2013 in Seattle and proved to be highly successful. YouTube and Intel are sponsors for the event with Chris Pirillo as the vlogger and the host. Since 2009 Chris has also been associated with one of the most popular news channels, CNN. He is a tech expert for the channel.

He is trusted by tech enthusiasts who are sure that he will answer all their questions and clear any doubts. His efforts have given accurate and reliable information to people. He is not shy to express his visions and principles straightforwardly to business owners, technology buyers, hardware and software professionals, media agencies etc. He is extremely passionate about his work and his undeniable spirit, candor and friendliness has attracted millions of people who follow him and trust his commendations completely. For Pirillo communication is promoted through interpersonal relations. He is always ready to use his skills, contacts and pervasive recognition to assist people in need of his help.

Pirillo has been married three times. He got married the third time to Diana Pirillo in 2012. In one of his recent projects ‘Pirillo Vlogs’ he and his wife upload on the LockerGnome YouTube Channel which show people more about his personal and social life.