Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray Photo

Rachael Ray is a businesswoman who is known as a celebrity chef, TV personality and author. She hosts the daily lifestyle show ‘Rachael Ray’. Ray is most famous for her ’30 minute meals’ and has won a Daytime Emmy Award.

Ray was born on 25th August 1968 in Glen Falls, New York. Her family was in the restaurant business; they owned 4 of them. When she was 8 years old they moved to Lake George, New York where her mother managed restaurants. Ray went to New York City in 1995. There she started working at Macy’s where she handled the fresh foods department. Most of her early jobs were in the food industry. She also found her way into the Agata & Valentina specialty food market. It was during when Ray was working in a gourmet shop that she created most of her ’30 Minute Meals’ classes which got the attention of a local TV channel.

Ray started with small cooking segments and went on to making her first book deal. She also landed a contract with Food Network where she hosted her show ’30 Minute Meals’. The show was so popular that Food Network started other shows such as ‘$40 a Day’, ‘Inside Dish’ and ‘Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels’. Ray also wrote many cookbooks including ‘Comfort Foods’ in 2001, ‘Get Togethers’ in 2003 and ‘Rachel Ray 365’ in 2005. She also launched her magazine which she called ‘Every day with Rachael Ray’.

Ray’s specialty is her 30 minute meals. These are meals that anyone can make at home in 30 minutes or even less. However some of her critics say that these 30 minutes do not include the preparation time of the meal. Her favorite ingredients to enhance flavor are garlic, fresh herbs and chicken stock. She doesn’t prefer the strict measurements of tablespoon and teaspoon instead uses approximations such as ‘palmful’. She says that she did not get any formal training and according to her using measurements takes away the creativity in cooking. One of the reasons she cannot bake is because baking requires precise measurements. Ray is famous for using catchphrases such as ‘yum-o’, ‘G.B’ for garbage bowl, ‘entreetizer’, ‘stoup’ which is a stew and soup cross, ‘Oh my gravy’ and ‘EVOO’ for extra virgin olive oil. The term ‘EVOO’ became so popular that it was added in ‘The Oxford American College Dictionary’ that also recognized her for it.

She is a spokesperson for many food products such as ‘Nabisco’ crackers, ‘Dunkin’ Donuts coffee’ which according to her is ‘fantabulous’. In 2006 Ray received an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Service Show category for her show ’30 Minute Meals’. She also won a Daytime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Talk Show category. Ray also devotes her time to charity. She created the non-profit organization called ‘Yum-O!’ Its purpose is to enable children and their families to endorse a healthy food and cooking relationship.

Ray is married to John Cusimano who is a lawyer by profession and also the lead singer of a rock band.