Roman Avdeev

Roman Avdeev

Roman Avdeev is one of the most famous Russian businessmen. He owns 55.73% of the shares in Credit Bank of Moscow and 87% of the shares in the Non-State Pension Fund Soglasie. The billionaire’s family has 23 children. With a net worth of 1.5 billion USD, he is ranked 56th amongst the richest people in Russia according to Forbes magazine.

Roman Avdeev was born on 17th July 1967 in the city of Odintsovo, Russia. He studied at School No. 3, after which he entered Moscow Power Engineering Institute. After the 2nd year of training he was drafted into the Russian army for service. In 1994 he completed a course at the International University of Business and IT in Moscow. In 1996 Roman received a diploma in Industrial and civil construction of Lipetsk State Technical University. He first tried his abilities as an entrepreneur in 1989, when trading activity of individuals ceased to be considered a crime in USSR. Roman Avdeev founded a cooperative store that was selling decoders for televisions. His business career was successful from the very beginning; there were a lot of selling points on the electronic markets of Leningrad where the goods supplied by his company were sold. A little bit later Avdeev established contacts with the plant called Elektronmash, after which his business was expanded significantly.

In 1994, the businessman bought Moscow Credit Bank. This step was taken after his analysis of currency conversion and of the profit from the finished products trade. At that time, the staff of the bank numbered only 14 people. Roman Ivanovich considered that it was possible to turn a bank into an independent business therefore he acquired it with funds earned from the existing enterprise. In the 90s, Roman Ivanovich bought the controlling shares of the sugar factory in the Lipetsk region. Also he acquired the land located near the factory because it was perfectly suitable for the agricultural needs. In the 2000s, the manufacturing company Chernozemye was founded on that territory. In 2008, the assets of the enterprise were sold. The main investment of Avdeev was ROSSIUM Concern LLC. Together with his business partner, Roman Ivanovich owns 6 hectares of land, where the construction market is located. In 2010, Avdeev established a real estate agency which was named Domus Finance. The company has been specializing in making deals on real estate sales on the markets of Moscow and its region. Today this real estate company is implementing over two dozen major projects having the extensive staff of highly qualified employees. Later the company called Ingrad was found on the basis of this real estate agency. The main focus of Ingrad is
the erection of high class residential complexes. Since 2017, Roman Avdeev has been the owner of Torpedo soccer club in Moscow. Also he is the co-owner of the retail pharmacy chain called 36.6.

Being a real philanthropist, famous businessman regularly contributes to social causes. He has recently founded his own fund called Kindness Arithmetic («Арифметика добра»). It is aimed at satisfying the educational and other needs of children. Now the fund is realizing various programs helping children to enroll in the university and to fulfill their potentials. Roman Avdeev has been awarded with Hurry to Do Good honorary medal for his significant contribution to the protection of civil rights stated in the Constitution. In 2014 Avdeev was recognized as the Banker of the Year and was also presented with the Legend of Industry award. Moreover, he was named the Best Investor according to RBC.

Roman Avdeev is officially married. He has 23 children, 19 of them were adopted. He started adopting children when realized that donating money to the orphanages was ineffective. Roman Ivanovich is a vegetarian. He takes pleasure in active rest being fond of running, rowing, yoga, skiing and biking. The businessman is also passionate about philosophy.